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Frequently Asked (and Answered!) Questions

Frequently Asked Questions!


Q: Are you able to build in areas other than Shizuoka?

Q: 設計施工のエリアは決まっていますか?

A: Currently we are able to build in the greater Shizuoka area (to Numazu in the east), and in the Kanagawa/Yokohama and Tokyo (greater metropolitan) area.

A: 施工は静岡市周辺から沼津市、また神奈川県・東京都(23区)など施工可能エリアとなっております。

Q: Would you consider taking on projects outside of that area?

Q: エリア外でも依頼可能ですか?


A: We take on projects from various places, however outside of the areas mentioned above we are limited to architectural services (planning/permits/construction supervision) only.  In these cases we assist our client in finding the right builder for their project.

A: エリア外の場合は設計と工事監理は引き受けられます(施工業者は別途選定をすることになります)。この場合はスケジュール管理、施工業者の選定、予算管理などももちろんやらせていただいております。

Q: Do you design/build with concrete?

Q: コンクリート(RC)造もやっていますか?

A: We can do virtually any structure type, and have ample experience with Japanese-style wood frame, steel and concrete.  As an aside recently many of our designs are (for various reasons) 1st floor concrete with the 2nd and 3rd floors wood framed.  Structural engineers work with us on every building to insure their safety / ability to withstand seismic activity.

A: どんな構造でもできます。木造は在来工法、鉄骨造もコンクリート造もいくつも手掛けて納品しております。最近は1階RC造+2~3階木造が大変多いです。また我々の提案では開口部が多いため、木造でもほとんどの場合においても構造に精通した専門家に計算を委託をいたしております。

Q: How much do your designs typically cost to build?

Q: すごいお金かかりそうに見えますが、坪単価はどれくらいかかりますか?

A: We generally ask potential clients to expect costs of at least 900,000jpy/3.3m2.  This can go much higher however depending on specifications/finishes and other factors.

A: 目安として設計施工の場合、大小で異なりますが、税込坪単価90~150万円が殆どです。

Q: What is included (or not included) in the cost above?

Q: 上記の坪単価には何が入っていますか?

A: Literally everything except furniture (sofa, refrigerator, beds, etc.) and window treatments.  Landscaping, aircons, everything else you need to use the building is included.

A: 置く家具(ソファ、冷蔵庫など)とブラインド以外は設計費用含めて全部入っています。外構工事も、冷暖房などもあります。空調形式、断熱方法、地盤強度や躯体形式などによって坪単価が変わります。

Q: We are thinking about doing some of the landscaping ourselves – and aren’t thrilled with the idea of upkeep on greenery.  Can we ask for the building design only and the landscaping separate?



A: Landscaping is an essential part of every building design - it has a direct visual impact on the surrounding environment and also closely linked to how humans interact with the building.  When upkeep is an issue we typically recommend flora and greenery that require less maintenance (and design with this in mind).

A: 植栽・外構工事は建物・周辺にとって大事なものと考えており、必要不可欠です。ただメンテナンスがご心配の場合は、メンテフリーかもしくはメンテがそれほど要らない植栽などの提案をいたします。

Q: What kind of insulation do you use in your designs?

Q: 断熱についての考え方を教えていただけますか。

A: Well it depends on several factors (including location/region) and budget, but we use everything from high-performance fiberglass to cellulose fiber (SPF) to exterior XPS insulation.

A: 計画建物にもよりますが、高性能GW、吹き付け断熱、外張り断熱(XPS)など、案件の様々な条件を考慮した上で提案させていただいております。

Q: Do your designs have central heating / cooling?



A: They can – we typically build with central heating / cooling and a dehumidification system in combination with exterior XPS insulation (pretty much the best we offer).  This has an impact on the cost per m2 however, so budget needs to be taken into consideration.


Q: My partner only speaks English – is it possible to have meetings regarding the design and cost etc. in English?


A: Of course.

A: 可能です。英語の場合はデレックが応対いたします。ご心配不要です。